Empire Avenue

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The end

This is the end of my sitting on the sideline of the blogosphere - shneering as a well known Navan comic would put it.

I am for the first time in ages a man with some leisure time on my hands.

What I want to achieve with this blog is to get a dialogue going with people I trust and know well, but also with people I know nothing about, but who will in time become people I know and trust.

I want to talk about business issues - telecoms, Internet and beyond.

I also want to talk about parenting - because that is probably more important and a hell of a lot stickier.

I will talk about Ireland because I think what is happening here is fascinating and our reinvention in the next five years will be a hoot.

I will on occasions bore the pants off you about my family tree - those who are not O'Boyle, Hannigan, Melvin, McHugh, McGlinchey etc, will find this interesting - the rest of you can pass on these pieces.

I am going to meet up with Damian Mulley later in February and do one of his courses on blogging. If I am going to make an arse of this gig, I want to do it in an informed way!

That is it - I am going to try and keep these pieces short and spend time on the conversations that they generate.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy